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Cornwall Night Photography Workshop Dates 2019

Milky Way Over St Michael's Mount

A one night photography workshop, in which I will be sharing my creative process and guiding you through a night of astrophotography. You have the choice between two of Cornwall's most beautiful locations that are perfect for the Milky Way & night sky. No matter what your skill level, if you have a capable DSLR or Mirrorless camera you can learn to produce images that you can be proud of.

Come and join me in the Milky Way season of 2019 and learn how to shoot the stars! 

Groups will be kept small and limited to three students. This way there will be lots of one on one interaction and we can all work together to get the best possible images. To accommodate postponement group size may be increased to five students.

Each night will act as a standalone lesson, you are free to pick one or more nights and we can build on your existing knowledge.

Contact me - now to confirm your place!

£125 per person, per night

A non refundable booking fee of £50 will be taken at the time of booking to secure your place. The remaining balance of £75 will be due one week before the workshop date.

Each night will be different depending on the groups skill level and conditions, but here are some aspects that I intend to cover:

Planning for the Milky Way

Optimal camera settings for capturing the night sky

Manually focusing in the dark

Composition tips & help

Post processing tips, with suggested relevant tutorials.

Equipment you will need:

DSLR/Mirrorless camera

Wide angle lens capable of 28mm f4 or lower (if unsure message me)

Memory card

Sturdy tripod

Warm clothes (it's summer but it can still get cold at night)

Walking boots/wellies

Torch (preferably a head torch)

Drinking water

Spare camera battery (some DSLR batteries will last a full session, but it always pays to have a back up)

Helpful, but not essential equipment:

An intervalometer/shutter release

Flask of tea


Insurances, transport and accommodation are not provided.

Clear skies cannot be guaranteed, in the event of unsuitable weather, postponement may be possible, a future date must be mutually agreed upon by both parties. In the case of postponement group size may be increased to five students. Any postponement must be agreed before the initial workshop was due to commence. Future dates and locations are subject to availability. Should a suitable date for postponement not be possible the workshop shall go ahead as planned.

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